April 6, 2019

What We’re Thankful For Today

SMR 24 | US Taxation


Do you think taxes are going to be higher or lower in the future? Anyone can place their bet. Ideally, a government strives hard to make the welfare and future of her citizens promising, but how far is your state taking you to that awareness? Today, we will go in-depth with the current status of taxation as we break down the assets and liabilities of the government. As we check on the national debt and the things going on right now with some companies – publicly-traded companies and some stock buybacks – we get to evaluate how bad the social security funding gap is and come up with strategies for a tax deduction.

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What We’re Thankful For Today

Higher Or Lower Taxes?

There are a lot of things going on as you stay tuned into the economy in the news. There are a lot of corruption going on and as much as it hurts me to say it, our own government’s corrupt. I have an article that I’m going to read to you. It all comes down to taxes. The first question I ask when I sit down with someone, “Do you think taxes are going to be higher or lower in the future?” I asked that question hundreds of times with people that sat down. No one has ever answered lower. Do you think taxes are going to be higher or lower in the future? The answer has always been higher every single time. A lot of times, most of the time, people are doing their behavior in economics and finance or doing opposite of what they believe. If you believe that taxes are going to be higher in the future, then why are you writing contributing a 401(k), where you’re postponing the tax to pay the tax many years down the road? Why are you doing that if you think taxes are going to be higher in the future?

If I thought taxes will be lower in the future, I will be putting as much money as I could to a 401(k) now to get the deferment to take them out when they’re lower, but I don’t believe that. My behavior is not that way. If you’re getting financial advice from someone who’s telling you that you will be in a lower tax bracket when you retire, run. That is the case for some people, but your typical financial planners, even the certified ones say that with a broad stroke. If someone’s telling you that you will be in a lower tax bracket when you retire, see if they will sign and date that on their letterhead because they have some powers that no one else has as far as predicting future tax brackets. No one knows that. According to the debt of our country, taxes, I believe we’re going to have to go up and they’re going to keep finding ways to means that Social Security. I am absolutely 100% opposed to any tax increase forever. I will never ever vote for a tax increase of any kind because our government from a federal to a state, to a local level has proven that they are totally and nothing but irresponsible when it comes to spending funds that don’t belong to them.

They’re probably not irresponsible when it’s their own checkbook, but when they have access to millions of dollars that’s not theirs, they spend it. They make promises to the people to get votes. That’s the way the system is. Why would I want to empower more corrupt, crooked piece of crap politicians to make more stupid idiotic decisions with taxpayer dollars? I would never do that. You can take advantage. You can take the opportunity to make some decisions about future tax rates. If you want to pay more in taxes, if you don’t think we pay enough taxes right now, don’t call me. We’re not going to get along. If you want to see how you can never pay a dime in taxes in Social Security, number one because you’ve already paid taxes on your Social Security. The way the government is trying to screw us, they tried to double taxes on Social Security called provisional income. There are ways to get around that.

The US Government Financial Report

Do you want to pay taxes in retirement? Do you want to? If you’ve answered no to that, then we need to sit down and have a conversation. I’m going to show you exactly what I’m doing with my own money and I’m going to show you what I believe. I have no crystal ball, but I have enough numbers to believe that the government’s going to be forced to raise taxes in the future. Here’s an article from Sovereign Man on April 3rd. The title is US Government’s Net Worth is Now Negative $75 Trillion. Usually around the middle of February each year, the US Treasury Department releases an annual report of the federal government’s financial condition. It’s called the Financial Report of the US government. It looks a lot like an annual report that you might see filed by big companies like Apple or Facebook, except that unlike Apple and Facebook, the US governments annual report is absolutely gruesome. This year’s report is no exception. It’s safe for one humorous anecdote. They just released it.

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In other words, they’re a month and a half late given that the report is typically released in mid-February. I called the Treasury Department asking when they will publish their report. The bewildered individual and the other end of the line said that he had no earthly idea given that the government had been shut down for so long. There’s a way you can download the report. You can go to Fiscal.Treasury.Gov. It’s the financial report of the United States government. To make a long story short, I’m going to go over a few highlights. In the fiscal year of 2018, the government’s total net loss was $1.16 trillion. Here is a perfect example at the federal level, they spend more money than they take in. We can’t live like that. You could probably float some credit cards for a while, but eventually, you’re going to have a day of reckoning that’s going to have to stop. They call it the chickens come home to roost.

In the fiscal year 2018 the government’s total net loss was $1.16 trillion. Bad Uncle Sam collected $3.4 trillion in tax revenue in 2018 but they spent over $4.5 trillion. Of that $4.5 trillion spent, nearly half went to Social Security and Medicare. They also spent a record $523 billion on the interest payments on the national debt. I love the numbers. I love to discuss this stuff. This is extraordinary given that the Social Security and Medicare trust funds are set to run out of money within the next fifteen years. In other words, despite spending almost half the federal budget on Social Security and Medicare, both programs are effectively insolvent. As a matter of fact, on page ten of the report, the government estimates Social Security’s long-term funding gap to be a mind-blowing, $53.8 trillion, which is almost 10% worse than last year. To put that number in context, $53.8 trillion is roughly 70% of the entire world economy.

That’s how bad the Social Security funding gap is, but it gets worse. As part of the report, the federal government also tallies up its assets and liabilities just like any individual company would do. If you have assets like houses, cars, cash and investments worth $1 million and liabilities, credit card debt and mortgages worth $300,000, your net worth is $700,000. That’s fairly simple that I can teach my sixth-grade daughter to understand. The government has assets as well a total of $3.8 trillion, the single largest component of that $1.08 trillion is student debt. You’re like, “How are they saying debt is the asset?” In other words, the government’s number one asset is the debt owed to it by young people across America. That’s pretty sad. The next biggest asset is what accountants call Property, Plant and Equipment or PP&E. That’s the sum total of all the land, government buildings, tanks, aircraft carriers, military bases, etc.

For fiscal year 2018 the government reported $581 billion in equipment, mostly military and about $500 billion in real estate. In total, the government’s $3.8 trillion in assets sounds like a lot, except that the government’s liabilities, the national debt totaled more than $25 trillion. That makes the government’s net worth and an unbelievable negative $21.5 trillion. That’s a lot worse than the government’s negative net worth of negative $20.3 trillion in 2017, negative $193 trillion in 2016, negative $18.2 trillion in 2015 and negative $17.7 trillion in 2014. Do you see the pattern? If you add their own estimate of Social Security’s unfunded liability, Uncle Sam’s total net worth is negative $75 trillion, which is almost precisely the size of the entire global economy. What could possibly go wrong with that? I’m in no way suggesting that there’s some imminent financial Armageddon. The sky’s not falling and the world’s not coming to an end, but let’s be honest, these numbers are beyond appalling and they get worse every year. It would be completely absurd to believe that with such pitiful finances, they will never, ever be any negative consequences ever.

SMR 24 | US Taxation

US Taxation: The government’s number one asset is the debt owed to it by young people across America.


Throughout history, there’s never been any nation or empire that has been immune to the basic financial laws of the universe. Egypt, Rome and the Ottoman Empire all suffered the same fate. Too much spending and too much debt led to their eventual demise. It is pure insanity to believe that this time it’0s different, that we’re different and we’re special. A lot of the Washington DC piece of crap, garbage politicians think they’re special. They love to make rules to gains that they won’t abide by. That’s why they’re pieces of crap and garbage people. They love to do that. We go back to, are we as a society that special where we’re not going to face the consequences of this? No, we’re not. It is pure insanity to believe at this time is any different, that we’re different and we’re special. Hope for the best if you like, but there’s no downside to considering the long-term risk and taking sensible steps to ensure that you’re not exposed to the potential consequences.

Let’s consider Social Security. The Social Security Administration itself says that the trust funds will run out of money in 2034. That’s on their website. In 2034, at which point they will have no choice but to slash benefits. That is fifteen years away. They literally put that in black and white for anyone in the world to read. Knowing this information, doesn’t it make sense to independently set aside money for your own retirement in the most tax-efficient manner possible? Tax efficiency, that’s what I specialize in. Have you ever had a conversation about the distribution side of your money? When I look at the numbers, I can sit there and argue or debate someone about rate of return. People get hung up on rate of return. Who cares about the rate of return when you’re not putting into effect the taxes? We don’t know the future of taxes on what they’re going to be. I believe they’re going to go higher. I like to put my money, my cash into a strategy that is going to kick off tax-free income down the road that is not reportable to Uncle Sam.

You do not put the income on the 1040 and yes, it’s legal. It is not a stinking annuity. Knowing this information, “Doesn’t it make sense to independently set aside money for your own retirement in the most tax-efficient manner possible?” “Yes.” “Knowing the national debt is $22 trillion and they spent over half a trillion just paying interest on that debt, doesn’t it make sense to diversify your savings?” “Yes, it does.” If you believe that we’re not paying enough in taxes, we’re not going to get along and you should be running an extra donation to US treasury department every year. They’re not going to turn away your money. Knowing that the national debt is $22 trillion and they spent over a half a trillion paying interest on that debt, it does make sense to diversify your savings. An example is if you are over funding your 401(k), if you’re putting in more than a match, stop it. Contribute the minimum amount of your money to get the 401(k) match. Unless you think taxes are going to be lower down the road.

Recognizing The Problem

If you think taxes will be lower in the future, then keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re open-minded and you want to pull some of that wealth off the radar screen of the IRS, let’s get together. After all, history shows that a heavily indebted governments almost invariably resort to printing money and debasing the currency. Owning real assets, especially those that are portable like gold, silver or international like foreign real estate can greatly protect against this risk. There always solutions, but it starts with recognizing there’s a problem. There’s always a solution, but you have to admit there’s a problem in this country. We have a problem with debt. That’s probably the biggest challenge no one seems to care. Think about it. The federal government announced a net worth of minus $75 trillion. How is this not front-page news in every newspaper in America? It is shrugged off by intellectual zombies who make knowledge, “Sure, it’s bad,” but do nothing because they claim to believe that there won’t be any consequences. That’s a high-risk bet based on deeply flawed logic.

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We talk about the problem, there are some solutions. I was part of a little group a couple of years ago and II discovered my why. Why when I get on here, I like to discuss taxes. We have a strategy that in the short-term can decrease you in a tax bracket. When you make a contribution to an oil and gas project, you get a major tax deduction. We can thank Ronald Reagan for that. Those laws are on the books. That will take care of the problem. It will lower you in a lower tax bracket. Down the road, there are ways to get some of your wealth off the radar or screen of the IRS for income tax purposes. There’s a way to never pay a cent in taxes on Social Security. I’m amazed, people I meet with, don’t even realize they’re going to pay taxes on Social Security. A lot of people don’t think about Social Security until they are two or three years away from it.

We’ve already paid taxes on Social Security, but our corrupt government somehow pass legislation in the ‘80s making a provisional income. Meaning that if you have income from other places, they’re going to tax your Social Security a second time. It is theft. When you really think about all the taxes we pay in this country, it’s absolutely absurd. It’s ridiculous. The taxes that we pay, the property taxes, the income taxes, the estate taxes and the sales taxes. It’s absolutely crazy. Get some of your wealth off the radar screen of the IRS. Remember if I said, “Mr. Smith, here’s $1 trillion. You have to spend $1 trillion to spend $1 trillion, you have to spend $10 million a day for 273 years to spend1 trillion.” $10 million a day and our federal government announced a net worth of minus $75 trillion. Go look at the article, go to the website, Fiscal.Treasury.gov and read the report yourself. It’s 264 pages full of numbers.

I looked at it. I read through it. I encourage you to call me. Let me show you what I’m doing with my own money. I actually eat my home cooking and the strategies I talk about, I put my own money in there, which I think separates me from the 99.99% of other people talking about strategies. I shared my story with a guy I was sitting with, we’re talking about taxes and Social Security. I asked him, “Do you think taxes are going to be higher or lower in the future?” He said, “With no doubt higher.” I said, “Why are you contributing so much to your 401(k) every year?” He didn’t have an answer. He’s a business owner. He didn’t have an answer. He’s like, “It’s because of the way the bank set it up.” There’s a smarter way. I told him my story. I said, “There’s a way to never pay taxes on your Social Security.” If you have a lot of moving parts, it might be tougher but we can least decrease the taxes you pay on Social Security because I think it should be a crime.

Bad Uncle Sam Is Stealing My Money

The Congress who voted the provisionary tax, they need to get kicked in the teeth. Social Security is after-tax dollars. The Congress voted in the ‘80s provisional income to double taxes and its theft. I get violently angry when thinking about it because someone’s stealing my money because my parents were typical blue collar. The textbook blue collar. My dad on a tire business, Day Brothers Tire next door to the Candlelight Inn in Port Allen. If you know where the Candlelight Inn is, that tells me a couple of things. Number one, you were in Port Allen, you were on the Gold Coast after midnight back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. My dad and uncle had a tire shop Day Brothers Tire. I probably saw some things I shouldn’t have sold a young age going on in the Candlelight Inn. That was the place it was. My dad, me, my uncle and his workers put on winches, bumpers, KC lights and big forward drop tires.

SMR 24 | US Taxation

US Taxation: There’s a way to never pay taxes on your Social Security.


People used to drive from all over to come buy tires for my dad, Hollis Day. My dad worked hard for a living. My mother at a high school worked at the Baton Rouge clinic. She was a medical assistant for Dr. Leggio who was my pediatrician until I was about twenty who finally said, “Bobby, you can quit coming to me now. You’re twenty years old.” Mom went back to school to become an RN and worked at Earl K. Long Hospital, worked at River West in Plaquemine and worked at the Baton Rouge General. She worked for the West Baton Rouge Parish Health Unit. My mom and dad, they all paid into the biggest Ponzi scheme ever known to mankind called Social Security System. That’s what it is. When you look at the word Ponzi scheme and you look at the definition for it is exactly what the Social Security System is. Like I told this guy at lunch, knowing what I know at 42 years old, Bad Uncle Sam pretty much gives us the middle finger every time we put it in the Social Security Medicare.

Uncle Sam is telling us, “Hollis and June, we’re better at managing your money than you are. Even though we overspend every year that we take in, give us more of your money because we’ll give it to you later. We don’t trust you to manage your money. Trust us, we had this great proven track record of basically if we were a business, we’d be bankrupt, but give us your money and we’ll give it to you later.” That’s exactly what the Social Security Medicare system is. It’s exactly what they are. My mom gets ovarian cancer and dies at the age of 54 years old. My mother never got a penny of her Social Security Medicare. Not a single dime. Where did money go? In any other investment, if someone dies, there’re heirs, there’re beneficiaries, not Social Security. The government laughs. The government gives us the middle finger. They hammered to his home and say, “You gave us all that money and you die. Screw your heirs, we’re not giving you anything.”

My dad did receive a $255 check when my mother died to help with the burial expenses. I took my dad to the Social Security office in October of 2007. We walked in. It was somewhat of a pleasant experience. He gave his driver’s license. We sat down. My dad said, “I want to start receiving my Social Security the month I turn 65 which is going to be March of 2008 which about six months away. They told my dad to the penny how much he was going to get. We gave the checking account number, the routing number to all that to the bank for the automatic payments. My dad passed away the next month in November 22, 2008. It was Thanksgiving Day of 2008 and he passed very unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism. My dad never collected any of their Social Security payments. My question to the corrupt piece of crap politician, garbage government in Washington DC, where is the money?

Busted Social Security System

All the money that my parents put in Social Security Medicare, they never got it. Where is it? See these corrupt career piece of crap politicians, most of these people they would go broke. They would lose their house if they had to rely on their own skill set for a job. They get up there and they are so out of touch. We have a good one here, Garret Graves. He’s a good man. He’s the exception. Most of them, they’re garbage and there’s some that I see on TV, I want to take out when I see them. They’re totally out of touch with the person who is making $75,000 a year and they can’t spend more than that because they don’t have it. As you can see, I get fired up talking about it because the system is broke and the fact that these piece of crap politicians want to double tax it. I want you to understand, the Social Security system is busted. You got people like my parents who paid into the system their whole lives and never got a dime.

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If you go to the Social Security website, it tells you there’s no more money left in 2035. You’d think there’d be an excess if they’re going to screw people like they hammered over my parents. They collect all the money for years and never pay it out. You would think there’d be an excess. There’s not, because we have too many people collecting who didn’t put a stake and penny in or who beat the odds and lived to be 98 years old. They collected more than they put in. They probably would’ve done that anyway if they had to put the money in some type of investment. These people like Hollis and June Day who never took money out of the system, they put into it and they double tax us on provisional income, how is the system broken? When I can show someone how to avoid paying taxes on that money again, I love it. If you’re still in the accumulation phase, there’s a strategy. Where your money sits is more important than the rate of return. There is a strategy that I participate in. It’s not an annuity that will kick off tax-free income down the road.

Avoid Paying Taxes

There’s a way to get interest, to receive interest on your money without depleting the basis. I worked for an oil and gas company out of Texas. I’m a salaried employee for an oil and gas company out of Texas. When they go lease the land, before they drill the wells, they pay the lenders/investors a fixed interest rate. Those interest rates are the simple interest rates. If you want monthly income. For example, if you put in $100,000 for one-year simple interest, it is 8%. That’s $8,000 that you’re going to get back over the course of twelve months. Do the math, a one-year simple interest is 8%, two years is 8.5% and three years is 9%. That’s monthly income. If you put in $150,000 and you lock it up for three years that’s $9,000. That’s basically $12,499 a year, divide that by twelve. That’s a little over $1,000 month. Can you live with that? That’s a way to put your money somewhere receive monthly income that does not affect the basis.

Some folks use IRA funds. There’s a way to compound the interest. If you don’t want the monthly income and you want to lock it away and forget about it, the one-year return on that is 8.3%, two year 9.23%, three year 10.28%. You lock away $150,000 for three years. At the end of the 36 months, you’re going to get your basis back of $150,000 plus $46,296. Let me tell you exactly to the penny how much you’re going to get back. You can’t get that in the stock market. You can’t get that in annuity, you can’t get that in mutual fund. As far as them telling you exactly what you’re going to get. I think that’s pretty cool. You know, going in how much you’re going to get out. For accredited investors, the minimum investment is $50,000. You’re considered a lender. You’re lending this company your money. They go lock up the leases and pay you a fixed rate of return. Then there’s a separate investment and oil wells. A little bit riskier. I think the company does a great job of mitigating risk, but it is a little bit riskier, number one because you got to hit oil.

There are some fantastic tax advantages for doing that. Go look those tax laws up. The tax code IRS section 263(c) 59(e). IRS section 611, 613(c)(6) and IRS section 469(c)(3). You can put money in a direct participation oil well project and the law reads where you can deduct up to 85% of that investment. Yes, that’s not a mistake I said, up to 85%. Each project is different. For easy numbers, like you put in $100,000, you could get up to $85,000 deduction. I’ve never seen one that high, but that’s what the law says. Ours are usually around 78% to 80%. The president made it a little bit sweeter where you could accelerate some of the depletion allowance. Depending on when the oil wells are drilled, you could write off up to 100%. You could receive a deduction for up to 100% of the investment that you put in, on the amount.

SMR 24 | US Taxation

US Taxation: You have to be really careful when you look at some annuities they call bonus money because they’re fake. It’s what we call phantom money.


There’s nothing else like this that I’m aware of as far as putting your money somewhere. It’s monthly income. It’s going to be patient money. Again, they have to drill wells well. They get the wells online and there’s a nine-day lag period of selling the oil from when you get money. The monthly income’s going to fluctuate. Number one, the price of oil per barrel and number two, how many barrels per day and number three, are they’re even going to hit oil? Everything I do that I’m talking about, I’m following the US tax code. I’m spitting off information that you’re not going to get from your traditional strip mall financial adviser. Those guys are married to Wall Street. Everything’s got to run through Wall Street. “Wall Street is safe,” what about 2008? Are you looking for something different? Are you open-minded? Do you want to take advantage of what the tax code on the books?

I think there’s a major correction coming. I don’t have any facts to back it up except I’m looking at our national debt and I’m looking at some things going on with some companies, some publicly traded companies and some stock buybacks. I see some similar patterns of what happened before 2008. I’m looking at the housing market a little bit and there’s some similar patterns there. I’m not talking about putting in annuity and income and all that crap. There are too many moving parts to me for the annuities, the target date mutual funds and all that. I personally look at if they can’t qualify for a strategy that I’m a big fan of. Some of the annuities they have is what they call bonus money. You have to be careful when you look at that stuff because it’s fake. It’s what we call phantom money. Actually, I didn’t come up with that phrase. I heard somebody saying that. It is phantom money and the annuity puts you in no better place tax wise. I’m all about tax efficiency.

Are you tax diversified? When you look at a bucket, one, two, three and four, bucket one is your 401(k) your IRA. Stuff that’s got to be taxed when you take it out. Bucket two will be real estate capital gains. You got to pay capital gains tax, which is better than bucket one. Bucket three would be your tax-free bucket. It would be your municipal bond bucket, but it’s tax-free. Bucket four is the best, it would be tax-exempt. When you look at your portfolio and the amount of money you have or if you’re heavy bucket one, you have got to take a serious look at that stuff. All you got to do is transfer it over. Transfer some of that money around to bucket four where you’re not going to pay taxes on the money again. You have to pay taxes on when you take the money out, which you never be taxed again. It’s not going to make your Social Security be double taxed. There are several things out there and everything I deal with two of the three strategies I deal with comes down to taxes and why and do them. If you’re looking for a tax deduction, oil and gas could be a great place to look at that money.

A tax deduction, show me another investment. If there is one, I like to know about where you can make an investment and a write-off or get a deduction for very close to the amount of money that you put in. We’re talking dropping people down two tax brackets in this. Yes, it only works for cash. If you want to put that money the land is a little bit different. There are no tax benefits for that. The gains are going to be taxed as ordinary income. If its IRA money. It doesn’t matter anyway. This is a great place for IRA money. If you have an old 401(k) or a couple of small IRAs, you can combine those into a self-directed IRA. You are not going to get penalized for transferring that money from IRA, combining the 401(k)s or IRAs to a self-directed IRA. You’re not touching the money, you’re putting it in one place and then you’re going to lend this company your money, if you don’t need the money in the next three years, they are in turn going to pay you 10.28% a year for the next three years, it’s compounded interest.

Show me somewhere else where you can get compound interest. If you don’t need the money and you want to grow, this is phenomenal. I realize 10.28% is not a home run, but it’s a solid investment. If you want to lock it up for one year, it’s 8.3%, two years is 9.23%, three years is 10.28%. It’s not bad. It works like a CD. You put the money in, forget about it or you don’t forget about it. You don’t want to touch it. There’s nothing to look at, it’s not moving every day. At the end of three years, you get 10.28% back plus your basis. That’s great, if you have cash and you’re looking for monthly income for a way to receive. Show me something out there. I like a rental property that you’ve got to put cash in, but where you could put money in, you can put cash in, receive monthly interest and it does not affect the basis. You’re actually earning interests, where you actually earn enough interest that it’s worth doing to not affect your basis. You put $150,000 in and you’re going to get $12,499 a year. Divide that over twelve, it’s $1,000 a month. It’s an education process. The company does a great job of educating you.

They give you access to the website, a little temporary username, password. There are some videos you are going to watch. Learn what else is out there besides the corruption of Wall Street and Washington DC piece of crap career bureaucrats who love to make laws and interfere on our lives. I want the government to stay out of my life, to get away, I do believe in paying taxes, my fair share. We need roads, policemen, firemen and teachers. I understand that, but we’re so overtaxed. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Looking for tax reductions, IRS Section Two 63(c) 59(e), let’s look at that. Let’s see what it can do for you. IRS Section Four 69(c)(3), 611, 613, 613(c)(6). In an oil and gas well investment, you can also carry the deduction forward three years if you don’t need it for some reason. I’ve only seen one person do this if you don’t need it in the year you make the investment, maybe because you have some losses in real estate or something like that, you can carry the deduction forward to three years.

The first 15% of income every year on oil wells is tax-free. You get up to 100% deduction and the first 15% is tax-free. Ronald Reagan did this. He was trying to encourage Americans in this country to be independent of foreign oil and we’ve gotten there. We have reached that point. What is weird is that we’re exporting oil but we’re importing oil. We could live fine this country if we had to and never import any more oil. We’ve finally reached that point. Thanks to some of these tax laws that’s still on the books. Get educated, learn what else is out there besides what Wall Street wants you to know about. Call me 202-SAGE. That’s 202-7243. You can go to the website SageMoneyRadio.com, send me an email from there and let’s get together. I hope you enjoyed the show. God bless you and God bless the USA.

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