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SMR 24 | US Taxation
  Do you think taxes are going to be higher or lower in the future? Anyone can place their bet. Ideally, a government strives hard to make the welfare and future of her citizens promising, but how far is your state taking you to that awareness? Today, we will go in-depth with the current status of taxation as we break down the assets and liabilities of the government. As we check on the national debt
SMR 23 | Bad Uncle Sam
  People think that the way to save for retirement is to defer their money. However, what will you do if you learn that you can’t be able to get all of your savings due to tax? Chuck Omphalius reveals that neither 401(k) nor social security are the best places to invest your retirement because the government will deduct the effective tax rate to your hard earned money. Chuck talks about a program he created
SMR 22 | Alternative Investment
  Many people are stuck thinking Wall Street is the only way for your money. This thinking works to their interest because they like it when you make your money flow through them. However, there are actually more ways for your money to make money beyond the walls of Wall Street. Timothy gives good alternative investment advice as he covers oil and gas and more. He addresses taxes and what the government has been doing
SMR 21 | Congress Pension
  While the average American’s net worth increased 3.76% per year between 2004 to 2012, members of Congress average 15.4% annual gains. That means half of the members of Congress are millionaires and continue to collect their $174,000 annual salary, and it’s you, the taxpayer, paying that cushy salary. But did you know that the taxpayer also foots the bill for the insane retirement benefits for Congress? An article from Sovereign Man called “One thing
SMR 20 | Alternative Investment Advice
  There’s a lot of volatility and unstableness in this economic climate that we’re in right now. The market has not been doing very well. In this situation, it helps to expand the ways you handle your money and look for alternative strategies. Tim shares alternative investment advice – from 401(k) and rates of return, to retirement and taxes. He also invites Rae Phillips of Audubon Kiwanis to talk about the Chili Cook-Off, a dear
SMR 19 | Taxes
  It is an interesting time for the economy. So many things are happening that if you do not pay attention, you might get left behind. Tim keeps us abreast as he talks about the many things going on in the economy right now. He shares his experiences with others who are dealing with their personal stocks, portfolios, and retirement, while also talking about taxes – from withdrawal rates to rate of return. Tim likewise
SMR 18 | Create Money Through Tax
  With all the high tax rate, it is good to know that there is a way to get a good fixed rate of return, an alternative to 401(k) and tax deduction. Hollis Day, Jr. lashes on the towering tax rate and suggests a smart way to create money through tax. Learn how you can get a good fixed rate of return through tax deductions and an effective alternative to 401(k). — Listen to the
SMR 17 | Building Wealth Through Tax
  With the huge taxes draining us of our money, making the most out of the money we have left is everyone’s goal. Aside from the strategy to increase sales and reduce cost, another thing to achieve this is by making money out of your tax. Learn about different applications that can help you build wealth despite all these unimaginable taxes everywhere. — Listen to the podcast here: Don’t Let The Lunacy In DC Put Your Future At
SMR 16 | Redirect Your Money Legally
  Are you looking for tax deductions? Get educated about the current tax law. Saving on tax deductions is about taking advantages of all that information. There is a way to totally avoid paying taxes on your social security and redirect your money using a strategy where the income is not reportable on the 10-40. It’s legal and it’s around for 100 years. Discover that strategy here as well as other things you could do
  We are all looking for ways to grow our money and build wealth for our family and for ourselves for the future. In response to these needs, you turn to your financial adviser who will most likely offer you some annuities, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and rates. What you don’t realize is that you may actually lose money and get back less than you put into it. Hollis Day Jr. brings Mark McKay on the phone,
SMR 14 | Investing In Oil And Gas
  We are all trying to earn money by getting a job, making investments and all other ways. In all these, there will always be tax applied. Given that we can never get away from tax, it helps to know about an investment strategy that can help you reduce tax at the same time. Hollis shares the major tax benefits from investing money in oil and gas. He walks us through all the amazing ways
SMR 13 | Bad Uncle Sam
  Everything starts with education, and that’s what financial architect Chuck Omphalius is doing with the Bad Uncle Sam program. Chuck explains that Bad Uncle Sam is about helping people to live with the least amount of taxes paid when they reach their retirement years. Discover how you can protect yourself and your family’s life savings from market risk and future tax increases and Chuck dishes out some good planning advice and long-term, guaranteed, secure,