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SMR 16 | Redirect Your Money Legally
  Are you looking for tax deductions? Get educated about the current tax law. Saving on tax deductions is about taking advantages of all that information. There is a way to totally avoid paying taxes on your social security and redirect your money using a strategy where the income is not reportable on the 10-40. It’s legal and it’s around for 100 years. Discover that strategy here as well as other things you could do
  We are all looking for ways to grow our money and build wealth for our family and for ourselves for the future. In response to these needs, you turn to your financial adviser who will most likely offer you some annuities, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and rates. What you don’t realize is that you may actually lose money and get back less than you put into it. Hollis Day Jr. brings Mark McKay on the phone,
SMR 14 | Investing In Oil And Gas
  We are all trying to earn money by getting a job, making investments and all other ways. In all these, there will always be tax applied. Given that we can never get away from tax, it helps to know about an investment strategy that can help you reduce tax at the same time. Hollis shares the major tax benefits from investing money in oil and gas. He walks us through all the amazing ways
SMR 13 | Bad Uncle Sam
  Everything starts with education, and that’s what financial architect Chuck Omphalius is doing with the Bad Uncle Sam program. Chuck explains that Bad Uncle Sam is about helping people to live with the least amount of taxes paid when they reach their retirement years. Discover how you can protect yourself and your family’s life savings from market risk and future tax increases and Chuck dishes out some good planning advice and long-term, guaranteed, secure,
SMR 12 | Future Of Taxes
  We all face the same dilemma of having to pay taxes and feeling like it is all for nothing. Getting our heads straight on this is tax attorney, certified financial planner, experienced wealth strategist, and best-selling author of Wealth Unbroken, Rebecca Walser. Rebecca shares her thoughts on why people continue to contribute money to 401(k) as she talks about the future of taxes. She also dives deep into the issues of how the 401(k) is the
SMR 11 | Big Taxes
  As we transition into 2019, we look at a number of things going on in the economy and investments. There is volatility everywhere and you can see that in the fluctuation in the market. On the government side, Timothy critiques what it is doing through an article titled “Congress Quietly Formed a Committee to Bail Out 200 Pension Funds.” He gets down to how the government is robbing the people through big taxes as
  There are so many alternative ways for you to make money. As the world becomes more global and dynamic, we now have more and more opportunities to reach beyond our own walls and create more. Here, Hollis highlights how we can take advantage of the tax advantages on investing in oil and gas. He is all about the government keeping their hands of your pocket and paying less in taxes. Applying that on how
SMR 9 | Tax Deal
  Every time there is a problem, the government wants to raise more money. There are actually ways to pay the government less taxes and it’s legal. Following the current tax code, Tim shares some tax deals where you can get phenomenal tax deductions. He also touches on the tax benefits of oil and gas, putting money in oil and gas investments, and mentions a Texas-based corporation you can look into which is involved in
SMR 8 | Nonprofit Donations
  Investing in oil and gas is a game changer. It draws people down a bracket or two depending on their investment. At the end of the year, if you’re looking at yourself and you need a deduction and you want the investment at the same time, take a look at this. Get educated about oil and gas as an investment and learn about the phenomenal tax laws that very few people know about that
SMR 7 | Tax Deductions
  Jordon Trice has been in financial services pretty much all of his adult life. Before he went to college, he thought the best way to make money was to work three to four jobs. Eventually, he realized that you can actually make money with money and brain. Jordon talks about how he got into mortgages, retail banking, investment banking, day trading, education, until finally discovering oil, gas, and real estate while working for a
SMR 2 | Tax Deductions
  If there was a way for you to get a deduction, would you be interested in that? As we approach the end of the year, people are looking for ways to decrease their tax liability, looking for ways to decrease the money they owe Uncle Sam. There are ways to do that. One of the ways is oil and gas. Another way you get tax deduction is to invest your cash in direct participation.
SMR 1 | Nontraditional News
  Timothy Bush gives a great overview of the world of finances, delivering nontraditional news that is full of fresh insights, he goes about and speaks on topics from oil and gas to retirement. Learn how oil and gas investment works and its effects. Know when you’re going to need a deduction when you pay your taxes. Find out how the 401(k) became the retirement standard in today’s world, what it means to be in