Episode Blogs

SMR 33 | Retirement
  Visualize retirement like climbing a mountain woodworking all these years, paying taxes, and putting money away so you have money to spend in retirement. However, did you know that paying taxes on social security makes you pay double tax because the money you put in social security has already been taxed? Control where you invest your money intelligently. Diversify out of the market and put it somewhere where you can get a consistent and
SMR 32 | IDC Deductions
  Investing in oil and gas is always a smart way to create passive income. Timothy shares his thoughts on the amazing tax advantages of putting money in oil and gas and goes on to discuss the specifics of the depletion allowance and the intangible drilling costs which are a benefit unique to the oil and gas industry. Encouraging you to invest your money in the right avenues, he talks about another striking tax-related benefit
SMR 31 | Tax Code Optimization
  There are ways you can optimize the current tax code without penalties, and we are going to break down those hacks. As we commemorate Memorial Day, let us allow some time to think of where to put and invest our money wisely. In today’s episode, we touch on oil and gas investment, the depletion allowance, and the perks of being a lender in oil and gas. On top of that, catch the ways to
SMR 30 | Avoid Stock Market Volatility
    Finance is always a complex topic for consumers. Brett Saso, the Founder of Bad Uncle Sam, teaches us how we can avoid stock market volatility by understanding our finances better and using The Power of Zero strategy. Taxes are some of the complexities of finances, and Brett shows us where taxes are going in the future and how to make it as a foundation of your financial plan. In this episode, learn how
SMR 29 | Tax Code
  How do you keep more of your money in your pocket and keep bad Uncle Sam away? One great hack is optimizing the current tax code. As we touch on the benefits of putting your money in the oil and gas sector, find out about the intangible drilling costs for gas and the concept of cost segregation. Moreover, be aware of the key to getting consistent fixed income for oil and gas and the employer-sponsored
SMR 28 | Tax Code Optimization
  The US Government offers attractive tax incentives in domestic oil and gas projects and intangible drilling costs such as labor and water. Oil and gas greatly impact the way our government taxes its people and through tax code optimization, any taxpayer can have promising deductions. Investing straight to the oil and gas company is a promising strategy to enjoy the benefits of skipping expensive taxes. Fertility rate and retirement has also influenced the way programs
SMR 27 | Double Taxation
  What could be worse than paying taxes? Provisional income is a perfect example of the hidden agenda in the Social Security system. Everyone must be aware that Social Security is not an entitlement program. Instead, it is receiving money that you’ve already put into the system. Today, we go in-depth with this scheme as we learn how to get away from paying double taxes on Social Security. Know where to put your money in
  Investing your money allows you to beat inflation, attain financial goals, and prepare for retirement. If anyone is looking for where to invest, now is the perfect time to invest in oil and gas. The United States has reached that point at the moment where she could function without importing any more fuel. Today, we will dive into oil and gas investment and look into the tax codes that you need to fathom before
SMR 25 | Pay Less In Taxes
  Paying tax is a mandatory obligation imposed by the government for public purposes. In reality, as citizens of society, we are overtaxed without knowing where the government wastefully spent that money. Still, many politicians would like to impose a tax increase for the people. Tim expresses his thoughts stating that raising taxes won’t actually fix anything. He reveals that there’s a way to potentially drop down a tax bracket or two on a current
SMR 24 | US Taxation
  Do you think taxes are going to be higher or lower in the future? Anyone can place their bet. Ideally, a government strives hard to make the welfare and future of her citizens promising, but how far is your state taking you to that awareness? Today, we will go in-depth with the current status of taxation as we break down the assets and liabilities of the government. As we check on the national debt
SMR 23 | Bad Uncle Sam
  People think that the way to save for retirement is to defer their money. However, what will you do if you learn that you can’t be able to get all of your savings due to tax? Chuck Omphalius reveals that neither 401(k) nor social security are the best places to invest your retirement because the government will deduct the effective tax rate to your hard earned money. Chuck talks about a program he created
SMR 22 | Alternative Investment
  Many people are stuck thinking Wall Street is the only way for your money. This thinking works to their interest because they like it when you make your money flow through them. However, there are actually more ways for your money to make money beyond the walls of Wall Street. Timothy gives good alternative investment advice as he covers oil and gas and more. He addresses taxes and what the government has been doing