My Story

Hollis first heard of Alternative Strategies when a CPA called to put an advertisement in Savvy and Sage Magazine, which Hollis published in Baton Rouge, LA. After meeting with the CPA to learn more, Hollis was hooked. Being the quick-minded entrepreneur that he is, Hollis enrolled the next week for 24 pre-requisite hours to obtain his life insurance license. But then again, Hollis is often known for making impulsive decisions…especially when he believes in something.


When Hollis traveled to Sunnyvale, Texas, for training, he did not expect to return home with the vision of Sage Money Radio. He had a meeting and meal with a group of investment advisors at the home of the Mike Tolleson, original franchisee of CiCi’s Pizza. Also present was Mark McKay, one of the top advisors in the US and now, Hollis’ main mentor.


When Hollis asked Mark how he became so successful, he was surprised by Mark’s answer, “radio.” Mark co-hosts the Smart Money Radio Show in Amarillo, Texas. Once again, Hollis’ entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. He spent the rest of the evening researching Smart Money Radio and Baton Rouge talk radio stations and decided to drive to WJBO in Baton Rouge immediately.


After five Smart Money Radio podcasts, an off-road nap, one police run-in, and a few cups of coffee, Hollis finally made it to the WJBO office in Baton Rouge by 6 am.


Hollis was introduced to the station director and set up a business meeting where he later pitched the first alternative investment show idea to WJBO. A couple months later, WJBO offered Hollis the 6 am Sunday morning time slot. He said yes in a heartbeat.


On August 3, 2012, the first episode of Sage Money Radio aired on News Radio AM 1150 WJBO in Baton Rouge, LA. Mark McKay was the first guest on the show. With Hollis’ out-of-the-box content, the ratings of Sage Money Radio have increased every quarter. Now, Sage Money Radio airs Saturdays at 2:00 pm.


Both Mark McKay and Mike Tolleson are frequent guest speakers on the show and have had a tremendous impact on Hollis in his business, spirituality, and family life. Hollis chose the name “Sage” Money Radio as a tribute to the wisdom he has gained from others and the wisdom he now shares with those who call in to the show.