About Hollis

Hollis Day Jr. is the wise, witty voice of Sage Money Radio. Old fashioned and loyal to the core, Hollis believes he should have been born in the days of Mayberry when a man’s word and a solid hand shake were all you needed. He attributes this true-grit attitude to his father, who “sweated for a living” as the owner of a tire business.


Hollis graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1999 with a business administration degree. Over the next 10 years he held multiple positions - high school football and baseball coach, nursing home administrator, and pharmaceutical sales representative. He also opened the Baton Rouge publication of Savvy and Sage Magazine, a bi-monthly publication for seniors.


Now Hollis specializes in alternative strategies and brings his passion to the people through AM 1150 WJBO radio. He most enjoys educating others on a common sense approach to investments and how to preserve their worth and avoid the next stock market crash.


Off the air, Hollis is “living the American Dream” on twelve acres of land with his high school sweetheart and their four children – Patrick, Ruston, Katey, and Mollee. Together, they hunt, fish and even harvest some of their own food. When he is not buried in financial literature, Hollis enjoys reading his Bible and Christian history where he finds hope and wisdom to guide his actions as a husband and father first, and financial consultant second.