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I heard Hollis on the radio, called him a few days later and we set an appointment to meet. To my surprise, he is only associated with a few investment strategies and they are simple to understand, not many moving parts. It just made common sense to get most of my money out of the unpredictable stock market at my age.
Dr. Baton Rouge
I met Hollis at one of his dinner seminars. No doubt, it was one of the best decisions that my wife and I have made as far as transferring some retirement assets to his ideas. We are way ahead of our target ROI.
MM - Baton Rouge
I listened to Hollis several times on the radio before I called him. After our first meeting, I knew it was the right decision. I couldn’t afford to have another year in the stock market like 2001 or 2008. The investment strategies that he offers just make sense, they are not confusing and that is important to me.
RP - Baton Rouge
Hollis is a friend of mine and introduced to me to alternative investments. I had some funds in an old 401k from a previous employer. I converted it to a self-directed IRA and invested in one of the alternative investments. I wanted this particular account to have nothing to do with the stock market.
MK - Mississippi
I called Hollis after hearing him on the radio. He had exactly what I was looking for, non-correlated investment strategies. I was tired of worrying about the value of my account in the stock market changing daily. I am a frequent listener to Sage Money Radio, and if I do miss his Saturday show, I listen to it on his podcast.
JD - Port Allen
I met Hollis after a colleague told me about some of the non-Wall St. investing ideas that Hollis showed him. No need to worry about when to buy or sell, those days are over for me. I am satisfied with the common sense approach that he introduced to me.
JS – Prairieville

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